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‘SalesMan’ – CRM / database upsell & cross-sell recommendations plugin.

  • Plug-in for CRM or database application to help sales & marketing through automated product recommendations and marketing campaigns.
  • Leverages CRM / system data and gives product recommendations through AI & Machine-Learning based algorithms.
  • Increase sales profitability & efficiency in real-time
  • Displays in real-time related products, accounts, and opportunities (all and any products matches).
  • Displays in real-time client who purchased this product also purchased the following products …
  • Helps sales plan appropriate: upsell & product cross sell and achieve more product sales.
  • Actionable business insights for planning appropriate 1:1 marketing activities for selected customers / accounts.

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‘SimCase’ – NLP and AI based similar cases suggestions in CRM

  • SimCase generates data driven case similarities for services, custom requests, client issues, queries, … through real-time NLP & AI data mining.
  • Plug-in for CRM / database applications to help support advisers & agents through automated similar case recommendations.
  • Leverages CRM / database legacy data (text & images) generating similar matching cases through NLP and AI algorithms.

  • Supporting teams (agents, sales, services, advisers) in real-time whilst working on a present case with similar case insights.

  • Improve efficiency, substantially reduce response times, increase performance & customer satisfaction.

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LHASGO – Organisation wide Carbon footprint tracking from CRM data; achieve greater success through greener means.

  • How efficient, how green is you company, customers and partners?
  • Increase efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint without significant investment in technology.
  • Leverage existing customer/partner CRM data.
  • Seamless analysis of travel, investment time (calls, meetings, emails), marketing, …
  • Generate auditable data on your environmental performance and carbon footprint.
  • Enables organisations to monitor, formulate best practices, achieve economic sustainability, reduce costs, retain and increase business opportunities.
  • Setup best practices within your organisation.

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JENYTO® – Blockchain based genuine product identifier

Counterfeiting globally is estimated at $1.82 Trillion as per ‘Global Brand Counterfeiting Report’.  There has been an explosion in what some are calling “super-fakes” high-end luxury goods which look exactly like the genuine article to the untrained eye.

Almost all the major product brands are available as counterfeits and it’s confirmed that there is no such product that is not available as a fake!

In a nutshell, these crimes are not only extremely costly but also damage companies reputation and consumer confidence with respect to the authenticity, quality, standards and labour used for manufacturing of these counterfeit goods; so far almost all methods have failed or not given desired results.

JENYTO® is a trademark packaged cloud application located on a secured blockchain ecosystem through which customers and companies can identify and confirm absolute product authenticity.


  • JENYTO® is powered by blockchain and AI providing product data authenticity insights from companies for customers.
  • Removes any doubt about the genuity of a product which most importantly can be assessed before the actual purchase, ensuring customer confidence & consumer trust.
  • Inbuilt software provisions that raise a case with the company support team if products fails a blockchain check, info not available or satisfactory.
  • Confidence and assurance that rests in the hands of the client.
  • JENYTO® provides customer level buying insights, increases the profitability of a company and enables new customer opportunities and higher retention rates.


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