Increase sales profitability & efficiency in real-time with instantaneous results and insights during customer engagement.

SalesMan generates sales data driven upsell & product cross sell insights through real-time AI / ML data mining.

CRM Upsell Cross-Sell Recommendations Plugin

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SalesMan – CRM Upsell Cross-Sell Recommendations Plugin

  • Plug-in for CRM application to help sales through automated upsell, cross-sell product recommendations. 
  • Leverages CRM system data and gives product recommendations through AI & Machine-Learning based algorithm for Upsell and Cross-sell. 
  • Sales team gets ‘customers who bought this, also bought that’ type of B2B product recommendations while working on an opportunity in their CRM system.

We Help You Get the Best out of Your CRM Data

SalesMan Features & Benefits


  • Increase sales profitability & efficiency.
  • Displays in real-time related products and account opportunities (all and any products matches).
  • Displays in real-time client who purchased this product also purchased the following products …
  • Helps sales plan appropriate: upsell & product cross sell and achieve more product sales.
  • Generates sales data driven insights through AI/ML account mining.


  • Generate reports that provide recommended products with corresponding accounts.
  • Provides marketing opportunity insights (current and new accounts) through data driven AI/ML mining.
  • Achieve precognitive planning through appropriate strategically focused marketing campaigns based on current and new clients / accounts.
  • Actionable business insights for planning appropriate 1:1 marketing activities for selected customers / accounts.

Example: SalesMan provides reports on accounts where similar products were purchased, this allows the marketing team to plan strategically focused marketing campaigns (seminar, webinar, conference, email, mail) for these selected customers.


  • Better quality cross team collaboration to coordinate and achieve greater efficiency for products, sales and marketing.
  • Improved training and planning.

Implementation and advanced dicussions in progress with:


  1. A leading CAE Automation company with 12,000 employees across 23 countries.
  2. Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company.
  3. Leading innovator and manufacturer of computer peripherals and software
  4. Case Studies to be updated soon.


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SalesMan CRM Crosssell Upsell Recommendations Plugin datasheet


SalesMan gives you so much more than commercially available CRM or database solutions; utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), SalesMan generates real-time intuitive alternative product options, cross-sell solutions and correlative accounts and opportunities to maximise sales profitability & efficiency. SalesMan integrates with your current CRM or database offering, no additional software is required.

SalesMan CRM Crosssell Upsell Recommendations Plugin white paper


As sales team works on opportunities, ‘CRM recommendations Plugin’ leverages CRM system data and gives best upsell, cross-sell product recommendations through built-in Sales pattern study machine learning algorithm. It enables them to sell more and helps organization plan effective 1:1 customer marketing with recommendation-based product insights.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is SalesMan

AI Plug-in for CRM application to maximize sales through automated recommendations.

How does SalesMan work?

Leverages CRM system data for AI and gives best upsell, cross-sell and product recommendations through built -in Sales pattern study algorithm. Sales team gets ‘Customers who bought this, also bought that’ type of B2B product recommendations while working on an Opportunity in CRM system.

What type of AI insights are given with SalesMan

Upsell, Cross-sell and other product recommendations to SalesMan along with Opportunities you can refer to and coordinate with other internal Sales team members to sell more.

How does SalesMan benefit me?
  • It helps upsell, cross sell more with real time product insights when working on CRM system.

  • It helps have a 1:1 marketing focus.

  • It helps you coordinate more with other successful Sales team members globally.

How can I know more about SalesMan?

Drop an email to with your contact details and we will be happy to arrange a call.

How about future support provided for SalesMan application

We provide end to end implementation as well as future support needed for the application.

What is the cost of SalesMan?

SalesMan is available as a yearly subscription model. Please contact us to know more about pricing.

Can I test SalesMan before implementation?

Yes this is possible, we will provide you with a live case study demostration before implementing.  This will help you understand the functionality of the software, it outputs, features and benefits.

Please get in contact if you require custom CRM solutions

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