CRM Strategy Consulting Services

Covering the entire CRM lifecycle

We Help You Get the Best out of Your CRM Data

CRM Strategy Consulting Services

  • Our vision is to make customer centric operations efficient and intelligent, leveraging technology and innovation utilising cutting edge AI, ML data analysis.
  • Provide optimisation tools to help with your strategic decisions with recommendation engines.
  • Our role is to help businesses achieve greater success, operational efficiency and reduce overall costs.

CRM consultancy covering the entire CRM lifecycle







Unique CRM Workflow Optimisation Solutions

  • Offering consultative approach for leveraging technology and innovation for targeted optimisation of your CRM workflow.
  • Utilising experience covering many years and a multitude of differing projects.
  • We examine your CRM workflow focussing on your business challenges, suggesting AI and ML solutions to improve your technological proposition and deficiencies using adaptive methodologies.
  • Following this examination, we can offer standard products or develop and program new tools and suitable processes providing targeted solutions to improve your business.
  • Deployed advanced technical tools that leverage your data in a unique, effective and precognitive way.
  • No business today can deny the need for technology in their daily business operations and our CRM consulting team wants to provide you with the best tools to optimise your CRM systems.

CRM consultancy services

With today’s informed and socially aware businesses, clients demand a high level of customisation, exceeding customer expectations which now defines the success of a company’s digital transformation.

Evolving customer experience is a leading brand differentiator when it comes to a client buying decision, enterprises are looking for solutions that enable them to prepare for the ever-growing customer needs.

We can help and enable global organisations to enhance their customer experience by harnessing the power of CRM solutions and innovations to create positive, impactful workflow experiences using technologies that deliver personalised experiences that maximises the value of installed CRM technologies today and in future.

Services Portfolio

CRM Business Consulting

  • Process Maturity & Analysis
  • CRM Auditing
  • CRM Blueprint & Roadmap Preparation
  • Process Consulting
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Research & Development

Technology Consulting

  • Solution Architecture
  • Application Rationalisation
  • Custom Development
  • Data Load
  • Integration
  • Licenses Management

Implementation & Integration

  • Global Rollouts
  • Product Customisation & Configuration
  • Research & Development

Support & Data Migration

  • Application Administration
  • Maintenance & Enhancements
  • Shared Support Pool

Q&A Testing Services

  • Functional Test
  • Test Planning & Test Execution
  • End to End Test Management
  • Process Consulting
  • On-going Bug Tracking

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