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We work with Daxue consulting a unique consulting firm in Asia. Since 2010, daxue has worked with more than 400 clients delivering more than 600 projects combining traditional methodologies and software. Now, after years of development, Daxue Consulting is a leading force in China market research services.

Cost effective structure: Our structure makes it possible to deliver high-quality market studies in a short and cost-effective way thanks to technology and flexibility of our structure.

Flexible offering: We adapt to all our clients. No project is similar and we adapt the methodology, the human resources and the analysis to each situation

Commitment to clients: Our clients are our first priorities and we aim at satisfying their needs the closest possible to the reality of the market.

Commitment to deadlines: We respect deadlines. When we decide a deadline with our clients, we keep it respected.

Responsiveness: Any email is answered within a day. A proposal is sent the quickest it can be done, sometimes within one day

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Interested in the Chinese market? Contact us now to get in touch with our consultants and answer all the questions you might have on the most challenging market in the world.

Daxue Consulting offices in China are based in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and are committed to answering any request with efficiency, professionalism, and flexibility. 

A senior consultant will set up a call with your team to fully understand your needs in China and offer you a customised research design.

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