Consultancy Services

Providing strategic-driven research on Quantum / Photonic Markets

Unique Client Driven Market Research & Analysis

  • Each market project is unique and innovative, focussing on your business challenges, suggesting methods to improve your operations and overall success in Quantum & photonic applications.
  • Offering consultative approach for your market research, utilising experience covering many years and a multitude of differing projects.
  • We examine your technological value proposition and deficiencies using adaptive methodologies.
  • Following this examination, we can develop new tools and suitable processes providing targeted information to improve your business.
  • Advanced technical tools can be deployed in leveraging social networks, forums and new technologies in a unique, effective and competitive way.

Offering Agile Strategy Consulting

  • We leverage the best resources using tech-driven data collection
  • Provide a wide range of business Intelligence tools to help with your strategic decisions, innovation management and planning for successful business development.
  • Our role is to help businesses achieve market success and achieve leadership positioning.

New Product Business Insights, supporting start-up and established companies

Supporting your Business Intelligence and Market Decisions


Providing clients with aggregated data on markets that gravitates around the company’s environment (stock market data, category pricing audit, social listening, etc.)

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Providing clients with data-driven analysis of their market potential. We use a full range of close-to-market and tailored methodologies to collect the most reliable and relevant data that satisfies your needs of information and your ambitions.

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Achieve your ambitions, our team provides you with the essential data-driven knowledge to setup your strategic go-to-market plan. Our project managers work with your team to fully adapt your offer and marketing plan.

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Providing reports on targeted market sizing. Our team triangulate bottom-up, top-down and distribution analysis approach to provide the most accurate and reliable evaluation of your market potential.

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Wide Range of Services to Deliver Competitive Market Research

BI and market research services


All our strategy consulting services are 100% data-driven. To perform data collection, we develop innovative and tech-driven methodologies managed by experienced full-time in-house professionals. Our experience and knowledge of market dynamics allow us to design tailored, agile and pragmatic research designs and to always use the relevant tools according to the client’s situation


Our unique network and our strong based roots allow us to collect large-scale data. Through our data-base of market insiders and professionals, our market surveys can reach any industry.


Your project is managed from proposal to presentation by professional project leaders with years of market research experience from top corporations and universities. They provide careful thought to the approach and the selection of effective, well-known and proven methodologies to fit your needs while meeting every deadline. Our knowledge of research ensures conclusions you can trust. We help you to identify the impact of new trends


Extensive experience in a range of markets, university connections and unique data-gathering network separate us from other consulting firms. Our obsession with quality data in a dynamic and confusing environment means your business decisions will be based on an informed and realistic understanding of your market

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